Kids Xlear Nasal Spray

Help your kids get fast relief from dryness or congestion without exposure to habit-forming drugs.

What is Kids Xlear:

Kids Xlear Nasal Spray is a unique patented combination of an effective dose of all-natural xylitol in a mild saline solution.
More than 80% of all infections enter our bodies through the nose. It makes sense therefore, that we do everything we can to help our childrens’ noses to function optimally.
Antihistamines or decongestants tend to dry out the airways and sinuses, making them much more vulnerable to infections.
In contrast, Kids Xlear hydrates and moisturises the nasal passages in a soothing way, keeping them clean and healthy.

How it works:

Inflammation of the sinuses is a leading cause of congestion. Xylitol helps to reduce sinus tissue volume, thus opening up the airway.
According to a 2015 Georgetown University study, a saline with xylitol spray (Xlear)
”increased participants’ peak airflow by 36% when compared to saline alone. In fact, saline alone worsened the participants’ condition and airflow over time.”
In addition to opening up the airways, the hyper-osmotic effect of xylitol also keeps the nasal passages and sinuses moist for a much longer time than an ordinary saline spray does.
This helps the nose to more effectively trap and dispose of airborne allergens and pollutants.

Middle-Ear Infections (Recurrent Otitis Media):

The bacteria responsible for middle-ear infections live in colonies at the back of the nose and the throat. Occasionally, they migrate up the Eustachian tubes where they form colonies in the middle ear, resulting in the infection.
Clinical studies have demonstrated xylitol’s ability to disrupt these colonioes (also called biofilm), causing them to lose their adhesive ability. In simple terms, the disease-causing bacteria are dislodged, and washed away naturally.
This anti-bacterial characteristic, together with its ability to thin-down mucous, is what makes Kids Xlear so efficient and therapeutic.

  • Xylitol reduces tissue inflammation, naturally clearing airways and Eustachian Tubes
  • Easy-to-use 22ml bottle can be used as a dropper for infants
  • Kids Xlear’s unique xylitol solution is much more effective than saline
  • Non-GMO Project ingredients guarantee safety for your child
  • Use this drug-free formula as often as needed without the risk of addiction

For more information on Xlear’s range of sinus care products, have a look at some of videos on the resources page. Below is a  Kids Xlear explanatory video.

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