SparX Berry

Treat your child to these delicious, colourful, and healthy treats today!

Kids may love sweets, but they hate cavities as much as grown-ups do. That’s why Spry created SparX Candy, a sugar-free treat. They are sweetened only with xylitol, a natural ingredient with clinically proven, unique dental benefits. Xylitol also has an incredibly low glycemic index, making SparX helpful for hyperactive and even diabetic children. SparX are also safe even for babies, because they’re small enough not to cause choking.

Satisfying your child’s sweet tooth with fresh berries is great, but it can be so messy, especially on-the-go. Now you can offer that same satisfaction with Berry SparX Candy. Your child will love the delightful combination of blueberry, raspberry, and strawberry flavours – you’ll love providing a healthy treat with no mess!

The sooner children start to use xylitol products like SparX regularly, the more help they will have against tooth decay. This is because the xylitol blocks colonisation of the bacteria that cause tooth decay, and also helps strengthen the teeth when they do emerge. The combination of Xylitol and calcium in the SparX helps strengthen tooth enamel.

  • What parents have been wanting for years— a tasty treat that’s really healthy!
  • Sweetened with 100% xylitol, making them exceptionally good for your child’s teeth!
  • Flavoured only with natural fruit extracts, and the size of each sweet makes it CHOKE-PROOF!
  • SparX colourants are extracted from plants, and there are absolutely NO PRESERVATIVES.