Exceptional Health is one of the trading names of: Exceptional South Africa Imports and Exports cc,  incorporated in 1991:  CK1991/011251/23 

We have been the exclusive South African distributor for Xlear Inc. U.S.A. since 2007. 

Xlear produces the world’s leading ranges of quality pharmaceutical grade xylitol products, specialising in both nasal and dental health.
We are totally passionate about the huge difference xylitol can make to dental and nasal health. 

The two main brand names are: 

Xlear – the award-winning patented range of xylitol-based nasal sprays (and sinus care sachets for neti-pots and rinse bottles). Xlear Nasal Spray is the original xylitol nasal spray that was initially produced in the USA in 2000. It is the No.1 selling nasal spray in the natural OTC category. 

The Spry Dental Defense System – A range of dental health products with xylitol as the active anti-bacterial (plaque-fighting) ingredient. We have “fine-tuned” the product range we import since there were a few logistical problems that crept in during COVID that have not improved subsequently. Our current range incorporates toothpastes for adults and teens, tooth gels for infants and toddlers, chewing gums and mints (Spry and SparX for children)