Xlear Sinus Care Solution:

20 x 6g sachets for nasal and sinus irrigation (netipots, rinse bottles etc.)

Please note that this product is perfectly useable for at least a year after its BB date of 12/23.

The latest SA Food Labelling regulations do not require an expiry date for salts and sugars (xylitol falls into this category).

Explore how Xlear xylitol products can help protect you from COVID 19 and other similar viruses

Finally, a natural drug-free option for nasal and sinus congestion that is based on modern research into the amazing moisturising and anti-bacterial benefits of xylitol.
Whether you normally use a netipot or a rinse bottle, using Xlear Sinus Care Solution instead of a saline solution will vastly improve the efficacy and comfort of your nasal irrigation. Saline by itself intially helps, but ultimately dries out the nasal and sinus linings. When using the Xlear sachets, whilst the salt and Bicarb helps cleanse and disinfect, the xylitol (which is hyper-osmotic) keeps the nasal and sinus mucosa moisturised. The xylitol also reduces the levels of Strep. pneumo, H. influenzae and M catarrhalis during the irrigation process. (Tero Kontiokari – Univ. of Oulu, Finland – Journal of Anti. Chemo. #98)   Antiadhesive effects and Airway Study

This pack consists of 20 Xlear Sinus Care Solution Sachets. Each 6g sachet contains organically-derived, pharmaceutical grade Xylitol (4g), pure Celtic Sea Salt® (1.5g) and Sodium Bicarbonate as a natural buffer (0.5g).

  • Patented solution with Xylitol reduces tissue inflammation and naturally opens airways
  • Hypertonic solution is more effective than saline alone at rinsing, cleansing, and moisturising
  • Non-GMO Project ingredients guarantee the products you put in your body are natural
  • Use this drug-free formula as often as needed without the risk of addiction or rebound

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You can find out more about how to best support your upper respiratory tract  by listening to Audio Q&A With Dr. Lon, (the developer and patent-holder of Xlear, Dr. Lon Jones D.O.)

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