Spry Spearmint Oral Rinse

with anti-bacterial Xylitol, Calcium, Aloe Vera, Chamomile & Echinacea

SPRY Spearmint Oral Rinse is refreshing and tastes great! It was formulated to keep your mouth fresh and your teeth clean!

Spry’s main ingredient is Xylitol – a great-tasting, natural sweetener that creates an unwelcome environment for disease-causing bacteria.
SPRY Oral Rinse also contains Aloe Vera, Chamomile and Echinacea for their soothing properties, and Calcium Glycerophosphate, which aids in the development of stronger teeth. SPRY contains just enough germ-killing alcohol to be effective, but does not produce the burning sensation so prevalent in many other mouth-washes.

Spry is so easy to use! A quick 30-second rinse reaches parts of the mouth that are usually missed by brushing and flossing. Used daily, especially in combination with SPRY’s xylitol-based toothpastes,
this oral rinse will help eliminate the build up of bacterial biofilm (plaque), the main cause of dental decay and cavities.

SPRY Spearmint Oral Rinse contains no artificial sweeteners, colourants or flavourants, or any other sugars that could contribute to the growth of plaque-forming bacteria.

Keep your mouth clean and your breath frosty-fresh with Spry Oral Rinse!

For best results: also enjoy Spry Dental Defense xylitol mints and/or gum throughout the day, for a total of five uses. 

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