Spry Moisturising Mouth Spray:

Spry Moisturising Mouth Spray is an ideal product for those who suffer from Xerostomia (Dry Mouth).  The simple, natural formula features xylitol, a natural sweetener. Xylitol’s role in oral hygiene has been very well documented. Apart from its proven anti-bacterial benefits though, it has also been shown to increase salivary flow.

In short, Spry Moisturising Mouth Spray:

  • provides a source of Calcium and Phosphorous for strengthening enamel
  • encourages salivation and increases its alkalinity
  • helps to remove the bacteria responsible for tooth decay and halitosis
  • contains Aloe Vera to soothe irritated oral tissues

This drug-free, non-GMO formula comes with both a 104ml and a 30ml bottle, so you always have relief at your fingertips. For a breath-freshening flavour you’ll love, it includes just a splash of natural spearmint which helps to freshen your breath. Have amazing breath for your next meeting, or use our spray when out in public or on-the-go. Spry’s 100% drug-free remedy is safe for all ages and can be used as often as needed.

Take back your oral health with Spry!

Strive for Five:

Spry came up with this clever slogan. The recommendation is that you try and have 5 exposures to xylitol per day. Spry’s impressive range of xylitol products makes this really easy to do throughout the day. For example, start the day with our xylitol toothpaste and mouthwash, chew a couple of gums or enjoy some mints after breakfast, lunch and supper, then use our mouthwash and toothpaste again before bed.

Spry’s Dental Defense System:

Have a look at our mouthwashes, toothpastes, mints and Gems. Children have their own unique products like SparX Sweets, safe to swallow bubblegum-flavoured mouthwash, xylitol tooth gel (for the younger ones) and Tropical Fruit or BubbleGum Toothpaste (for the older ones).

  • Sweetened only with pharmaceutical grade xylitol
  • Hydrates “dry-mouth” by stimulating salivary glands, providing on-the-go oral care
  • Dentist-recommended due its proven oral benefits and ability to reduce plaque
  • Natural ingredients only, so you never need worry about ingesting aspartame or other chemicals
  • The 100 count tub is an ideal option for keeping in your car’s cup-holder

For more information on xylitol from an unbiased website resource that is maintained entirely by dentists and doctors, please have a look at