Spry Bubblegum Infant Tooth Gel with Xylitol

(3 months and older) – 60ml tube

Less mess or fuss than brushing with toothpaste, coupled with the great, proven dental benefits of Xylitol!

With nearly half of all children getting cavities in their baby teeth, and many getting cavities in their permanent teeth, it’s no wonder parents worry about their kids’ dental health! Fortunately, Spry is here to help with kid-friendly formulas made using Xylitol, a natural sweetener with clinically proven, unique, dental health benefits. These tooth gels contain no fluoride or any “baddies”, so they’re safe to swallow while little ones learn proper brushing habits.

Your child will love Spry Bubblegum Infant Tooth Gel’s totally yummy all-natural flavour combination! It contains an effective amount of Xylitol for controlling and reducing levels of the bacteria that cause tooth decay. It also contains Calcium Glycerophosphate, which the Xylitol uses for strengthening the enamel of emerging teeth. Xylitol acts as a “carrier” for the Calcium and Phosphorous, the primary minerals in tooth enamel.

Spry Bubblegum Infant Tooth Gel was developed in the USA twenty years ago by Xlear Inc., the leading developer of natural xylitol products. The gel also helps to control oral thrush, because of xylitol’s ability to “starve” the yeast cells (the same thing it does to the bacteria responsible for tooth decay).

Tips for Use:

  • When a feeding pacifier is being used, squirt dose (as per the package insert) into the cap and clip closed. Baby will love the natural xylitol flavour!
  • You could also apply the tooth gel to a cotton swab and apply it directly to the gums and teeth
  • Apply a few drops onto your toddler’s brush before brushing
  • Add a few more drops to the brush after brushing, and let your child practice brushing by himself / herself