Spry Mountain Mint Mouthwash

Alcohol-free, all-natural Fresh Breath Formula
with Xylitol, Sodium Bicarbonate, Zinc and Chamomile

You’re looking for a fresh, clean mouth, right? Spry Mountain Mint Mouthwash is your go-to regimen to make sure you’re ready for that interview or for that night on the town. Mouthwashes are great to freshen breath and clean the parts of the mouth that aren’t reached by a toothbrush. Though these are great benefits, many of the mouthwashes on the market provide some of these benefits, but in the wrong way. Many of these mouthwashes claim they’re antiseptic, supposedly killing up to 99.99% of bacteria, and eliminating bad breath.

Here’s the problem:

Killing all the bacteria is actually harmful because you’re also killing the good bacteria that help break down food and control the bad bacteria responsible for tooth decay. Doing this destroys your natural microbiome, leading to worse consequences than bad breath down the road!

Spry Mountainl Mint Mouthwash is different. It also gets rid of the bad bacteria and Volatile Organic Compounds that cause bad breath (without killing them), and in so doing, supports and manages your oral microbiome. It thus ensures your mouth stays fresh and clean without doing any harm. Spry Alcohol-Free Mouthwash features xylitol, a natural ingredient that is clinically shown to improve oral health. It does this by inhibiting the growth and “sticking power” of the bacteria responsible for tooth decay (Strep. mutans).

Fresh Breath Formula:

This natural formula neutralises bad breath and alleviates sore gums with a proven combination of Sodium Bicarbonate, Zinc PCA and Chamomile. The refreshing natural mint flavour also helps of course! Spry Mouthwash is paraben-free and its unique colour is acquired from non-GMO plant sources. Spry does not use any artificial sweeteners, or other sugars like fructose or sucrose that feed the bad bacteria . All the sweetness and some of the flavour is derived from the large proportion of xylitol in the formula.

Rinse only the BAD bacteria away!

Remember that having fresh breath is great, but that it should be done in the healthiest way possible.
Don’t just kill ALL the bacteria. Rinse only the bad ones away! Spry Alcohol-Free Mouthwash does exactly that.

This is simply the best rinsing option for a clean mouth, that doesn’t negatively affect your oral health. So, don’t settle for anything less. Get Spry Mountain Mint Mouthwash now.

    • Alcohol-Free for a clean you can feel, without the burn
    • Natural non-GMO ingredients so you can feel great about what you put in your mouth
    • Rich in xylitol to fight buildup of bad bacteria
    • Balanced formula helps support your mouth’s microbiome
    • Fresh Breath Formula uses proven natural ingredients to neutralise bad breath